No Mask, No Disguise

by Concrete Worms

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released February 13, 2017

Produced by Uros Milkic
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered @ DownThereStudio, Belgrade

Dragana bass vocals
Ilija drums
DR guitar vocals

Cover artwork by Nenad Gucunja




all rights reserved


Concrete Worms Beograd, Serbia

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Track Name: Walls
Stuck in a routine
Sameness of life
My mind is programmed
There’s no way out
Living in the prison
Within these walls
Substance is needed
Gives me the goal

I can see no sun and the sky is so small
Living in the darkness of my own

I can(’t) break these walls down!
Track Name: Born In the Gutter
I was born in the gutter
Never knew my real name
Could’ve had a better life
But this shit’s always the same
When you have to work so fuckin’ hard
For every single enjoyment
It’s obvious your life becomes
One big disappointment
Shitload of misconceptions, and anger and pain
Throughout the darkness- they keep coming back
Don’t know how to fight it, don’t know who’s to blame
But I always end up with the knife in my back
I was born in the gutter
With no right to choose
Will I be a winner?
No, I’m destined to lose
And every thought of freedom
Is dragging me down
Drag me back to the gutter
In my own shit to drown
Track Name: Led Like Cattle
You’re so perfect for controlled society
Fit precisely in the mob mentality
Have no balls to stand for yourself
Being exploited it’s so much easier

Standing in the line with blindfolded eyes
The real self you’re afraid to realize
Ignorance is a postulate, darkness a permanent state
Being dumb makes you feel happier
Led like cattle
Don’t know where
Led like cattle
It’s easier
Led like cattle
The end is near
Led like cattle
To the slaughter
Track Name: Nothing To Lose
Banging my head against the wall again
In blood, tears and sweat
Another life to be wasted
In a battle with no end
I’ve tried so hard to be the one
Who’s gonna break the code
Another assault on the barricades
Probably the last…
I got nothing to lose
I got nothing to lose
Here to pay my dues (here to break the rules)
I got nothing to lose
Last man standing on the battlefield
Tryin’ to do what’s right
Human filth and corruption
Only earned my despite
Face down in the gutter
No one can hear me scream
I’m a soldier of misfortune
Who’ll never let go of his dreams
Track Name: Hypocrite
This world of hypocrisy makes you feel good
Every time you leave your home you know what you should do
Put your mask on, change your face, get into your role
The character you play is no fucking joke!

What you say, what you say to me, I don’t believe a word
Sometimes I wonder who you are when you’re all alone
No mask, no disguise, just a naked human being
So tell me, how does it feel?

Lies in your eyes!
Track Name: Cursed
I know this feeling, it’s tearing me apart
Can’t breath can’t think right
My heart is beating faster and faster
I’ve tried everything but there’s no way out

Everyday is the same I feel like I’m a damned machine
I create my hell, my fear determines me
It doesn’t matter which day or month it is
I’m living my hell my curse is so clear

What should I do to change my view
Lost self-confidence, perception of the truth
Tired to go on and on still I wanna struggle on my way down